Looking for traditional African carvings?
Love African masks and want to know more about other great traditional and tribal crafts?
There is so much more to African crafts than African carvings and tribal objects!

To learn more about the traditions of South African tribes as well as see the richness of craft
and art that has developed in South Africa in the last generations,
see our ranges of funky recycled crafts, beautiful and original beadwork, and so much more ...

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Mandela Sculpture

Pincushion Tea Light ©

Felt & Cotton Scarf

Pincushion Candelabra ©

Felt Necklace

African Home offers a range of traditional African
products ranging from home décor to functional home
ware as well as gifts and accessories, based on the
finest aesthetic and artistic traditional workmanship.

Marketing these products while developing new products
constantly, creates work for disadvantaged communities
with high levels of unemployment.

African Home is committed to ethical principles.

We are members of Proudly South African and of the initiative to establish a Fair Trade Association in Crafts in South Africa (FACSA) as well as the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO).

The newly transforming South Africa has a rich tapestry of crafts people working with diverse, almost endless, natural materials: Beads, wire, wood carvings, African textiles, clay and glass are simply the most prominent. The beauty of the indigenous and traditional designs translates into contemporary design home ware. Most of the many South African tribes are represented in our ranges: Zulu, Venda, Xhosa, Ndebele are the leading ones.

The process of designing new functional or decorative artefacts with people of great artistic skill is an enriching endeavour for all concerned.

Partnerships are created through joint decision-making from the point of design to the development of new markets.
Relationships with craftspeople are nurtured in order to sustain and develop a platform for sound business principles whilst always maintaining the human focus in this creative endeavour. The employment of ethical principles ensures that artisans and crafts people are paid a fee that they regard as fair and equitable in terms of their effort and resources.

African Home maintains, and practices, a strong commitment to environmental awareness. Accordingly, all materials used in our products are consistent with, and promoting of, the sustainability of the natural resources of South Africa. For example, the wood we use is sourced from fallen trees within sustainable forests, driftwood or alien trees that have heavy water consumption levels. Many natural and local products are used such as reeds, weeds, clay, paper and wire.

Our Range:
Constantly expanding, our hand crafted products include:

  • Township Art and Craft namely articles crafted out of waste materials such as wirework, paper mache items, tin cans, and plastic. RECYCLING IS BIG!
  • Traditional/Tribal Articles, African articles, which have roots in the indigenous culture of the craftsperson, for example African carvings, Zulu and Xhosa pots, beadwork , African fabrics, basketry and more.
  • Contemporary Designs using high quality wood, pottery, paper and wire.
  • Religious Articles, A very large range of Christmas decorations, Jewish festival items such as Pesach Seder Plates, Matza plates and covers, hallah covers, Rosh Hashanah plates and honey containers, Yarmulkes, etc.

All our products are hand crafted; therefore each piece is unique. Dimensions, especially in pottery, beaded work, traditional wood items and basketry may vary slightly. All products are produced in South Africa from local materials, and all products undergo a quality check to ensure the best standards.

The services we offer clients:

  • Exclusive range – items you can find only at African Home. We work with designers and crafters to bring together their skills creating unique items. This range will soon be advertised on a separate webpage!
  • Custom made – for corporates, hotels, interior designers, etc. we design custom made products incorporating companies' logos. For example, we supply embroidered dress bags to luxury hotels, as well as beaded badges for conferences.
  • Sourcing – we source goods for clients anywhere in South Africa, almost an endless list of items. For example, in the past year we sourced tribal drums, vases, and printed cushion covers, to name a few.
  • Consolidation of goods from different suppliers – a service we offer export clients, enabling them to have a one-stop exporter storing and checking goods before shipment.
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